Index for RFCs 0299 to 0200

0299 Information Management System
D. Hopkin, Feb-11-1972., txt=1K

0298 Network host status
E. Westheimer, Feb-11-1972. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0293) (Obsoleted by RFC0306)

0297 TIP Message Buffers
D.C. Walden, Jan-31-1972., txt=3K

0296 DS-1 display system
D.E. Liddle, Jan-27-1972. Offline

0295 Report of the Protocol Workshop, 12 October 1971
J. Postel, Jan-02-1972., txt=5K

0294 The Use of "Set Data Type" Transaction in File Transfer Protocol
A.K. Bhushan, Jan-25-1972. (Updates RFC0265), txt=3K

0293 Network Host Status
E. Westheimer, Jan-18-1972. (Obsoletes RFC0288) (Obsoleted by RFC0298) (Updates RFC0288), txt=7K

0292 Graphics Protocol: Level 0 only
J.C. Michener, I.W. Cotton, K.C. Kelley, D.E. Liddle, Jr, Meyer, E.

0291 Data Management Meeting Announcement
D.B. McKay, Jan-14-1972., txt=3K

0290 Computer networks and data sharing: A bibliography
A.P. Mullery, Jan-11-1972. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0243)

0289 What we hope is an official list of host names
R.W. Watson, Dec-21-1971. (Obsoleted by RFC0384), txt=4K

0288 Network host status
E. Westheimer, Jan-06-1972. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0287) (Obsoleted by RFC0293) (Updated by RFC0293)

0287 Status of Network Hosts
E. Westheimer, Dec-22-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0267) (Obsoleted by RFC0288), txt=9K

0286 Network Library Information System
E. Forman, Dec-21-1971., txt=2K

0285 Network graphics
D. Huff, Dec-15-1971. Offline

0283 NETRJT: Remote Job Service Protocol for TIPS
R.T. Braden, Dec-20-1971. (Updates RFC0189), txt=18K

0282 Graphics meeting report
M.A. Padlipsky, Dec-08-1971. Offline

0281 Suggested addition to File Transfer Protocol
A.M. McKenzie, Dec-08-1971. Offline

0280 A Draft of Host Names
R.W. Watson, Nov-17-1971., txt=3K

0278 Revision of the Mail Box Protocol
A.K. Bhushan, R.T. Braden, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, A.M. McKenzie, J.T. Melvin, R.L. Sundberg, R.W. Watson, J.E. White, Nov-17-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0221), txt=7K

0276 NIC course
R.W. Watson, Nov-08-1971., txt=1K

0274 Establishing a local guide for network usage
E. Forman, Nov-01-1971., txt=6K

0273 More on standard host names
R.W. Watson, Oct-18-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0237), txt=4K

0271 IMP System change notifications
B. Cosell, Jan-03-1972., txt=3K

0270 Correction to BBN Report No
1822 (NIC NO 7958), A.

0269 Some experience with file transfer
H. Brodie, Dec-06-1971. Offline (Updates RFC0122 RFC0238)

0268 Graphics facilities information
J. Postel, Nov-24-1971., txt=1K

0267 Network host status
E. Westheimer, Nov-22-1971. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0266) (Obsoleted by RFC0287)

0266 Network host status
E. Westheimer, Nov-08-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0255) (Obsoleted by RFC0267), txt=3K

A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Narslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenzie, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. White,, Dec-17-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0172), txt=3K

0263 "Very Distant" Host interface
A.M. McKenzie, Dec-17-1971., txt=3K

0256 IMPSYS change notification
B. Cosell, Nov-03-1971., txt=1K

0255 Status of network hosts
E. Westheimer, Oct-26-1971. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0252) (Obsoleted by RFC0266)

0254 Scenarios for using ARPANET computers
A.K. Bhushan, Oct-29-1971. Offline

0253 Second Network Graphics meeting details
J.A. Moorer, Oct-19-1971., txt=1K

0252 Network host status
E. Westheimer, Oct-08-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0240) (Obsoleted by RFC0255), txt=5K

0251 Weather data
D. Stern, Oct-13-1971., txt=1K

0250 Some thoughts on file transfer
H. Brodie, Oct-07-1971., txt=2K

0249 Coordination of equipment and supplies purchase
R.F. Borelli, Oct-08-1971., txt=4K

0247 Proffered set of standard host names
P.M. Karp, Oct-12-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0226), txt=6K

0246 Network Graphics meeting
A. Vezza, Oct-05-1971., txt=0K

0245 Reservations for Network Group meeting
C. Falls, Oct-05-1971., txt=1K

0243 Network and data sharing bibliography
A.P. Mullery, Oct-05-1971. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0290)

0242 Data descriptive language for shared data
L. Haibt, A.P. Mullery, Jul-19-1971. Offline

0241 Connecting computers to MLC ports
A.M. McKenzie, Sep-29-1971., txt=3K

0240 Site status
A.M. McKenzie, Sep-30-1971. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0235) (Obsoleted by RFC0252)

0239 Host mnemonics proposed in RFC 226 (NIC 7625)
R.T. Braden, Sep-23-1971., txt=2K

0238 Comments on DTP and FTP proposals
R.T. Braden, Sep-29-1971. (Updates RFC0171 RFC0172) (Updated by RFC0269), txt=2K

0237 NIC view of standard host names
R.W. Watson, Sep-29-1971. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0273)

0236 Standard host names
J. Postel, Sep-27-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0229), txt=4K

0235 Site status
E. Westheimer, Sep-27-1971. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0240)

0234 Network Working Group meeting schedule
A. Vezza, Oct-05-1971. Offline (Updates RFC0222 RFC0204)

0233 Standardization of host call letters
A.K. Bhushan, R.M. Metcalfe, Sep-28-1971., txt=3K

0232 Postponement of network graphics meeting
A. Vezza, Sep-23-1971., txt=0K

0231 Service center standards for remote usage: A user's view
J.F. Heafner, E. Harslem, Sep-21-1971., txt=9K

0230 Toward reliable operation of minicomputer-based terminals on a TIP
Jr, Pyke, T.

0229 Standard host names
J. Postel, Sep-22-1971. (Obsoleted by RFC0236), txt=3K

0228 Clarification
D.C. Walden, Sep-22-1971. (Updates RFC0070), txt=0K

0227 Data transfer rates (Rand/UCLA)
J.F. Heafner, E. Harslem, Sep-17-1971. Offline (Updates RFC0113)

0226 Standardization of host mnemonics
P.M. Karp, Sep-20-1971. (Obsoleted by RFC0247), txt=1K

0225 Rand/UCSB network graphics experiment
E. Harslem, R. Stoughton, Sep-13-1971. Offline (Updates RFC0074)

0224 Comments on Mailbox Protocol
A.M. McKenzie, Sep-14-1971., txt=3K

0223 Network Information Center schedule for network users
J.T. Melvin, R.W. Watson, Sep-14-1971., txt=5K

0222 Subject: System programmer's workshop
R.M. Metcalfe, Sep-13-1971. Offline (Updates RFC0212) (Updated by RFC0234)

0221 Mail Box Protocol: Version 2
R.W. Watson, Aug-27-1971. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0196) (Obsoleted by RFC0278)

0219 User's view of the datacomputer
R. Winter, Sep-03-1971. Offline

0218 Changing the IMP status reporting facility
B. Cosell, Sep-08-1971., txt=1K

0217 Specifications changes for OLS, RJE/RJOR, and SMFS
J.E. White, Sep-08-1971. (Updates RFC0074 RFC0105 RFC0122), txt=2K

0216 Telnet access to UCSB's On-Line System
J.E. White, Sep-08-1971. Offline

0215 NCP, ICP, and Telnet: The Terminal IMP implementation
A.M. McKenzie, Aug-30-1971., txt=16K

0214 Network checkpoint
E. Harslem, Aug-21-1971. (Obsoletes RFC0198), txt=3K

0213 IMP System change notification
B. Cosell, Aug-20-1971., txt=1K

0212 NWG meeting on network usage
Information Sciences Inst, University of Southern California.

0211 ARPA Network mailing lists
J.B. North, Aug-18-1971. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0168) (Obsoleted by RFC0300)

0210 Improvement of flow control
W. Conrad, Aug-16-1971. Offline

0209 Host/IMP interface documentation
B. Cosell, Aug-13-1971. Offline

0208 Address tables
A.M. McKenzie, Aug-09-1971. Offline

0207 September Network Working Group meeting
A. Vezza, Aug-09-1971. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0212)

0206 User Telnet - description of an initial implementation
J.E. White, Aug-09-1971. Offline

0205 NETCRT - a character display protocol
R.T. Braden, Aug-06-1971. Offline

0204 Sockets in use
J. Postel, Aug-05-1971. Offline (Updated by RFC0234)

0203 Achieving reliable communication
R.B. Kalin, Aug-10-1971. Offline

0202 Possible deadlock in ICP
S.M. Wolfe, J. Postel, Jul-26-1971. Offline

0200 RFC list by number
J.B. North, Aug-01-1971. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0170 RFC0160)

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