Index for RFCs 0099 to 0000

0099 Network Meeting
P.M. Karp, Feb-22-1971. (Updated by RFC0116), txt=0K

0098 Logger Protocol proposal
Jr, Meyer, E.

0097 First cut at a proposed Telnet Protocol
J.T. Melvin, R.W. Watson, Feb-15-1971. Offline

0096 Interactive Network Experiment to Study Modes of Access to The Network Information Center
R.W. Watson, Feb-12-1971., txt=11K

0095 Distribution of NWG/RFC's through the NIC
S.D. Crocker, Feb-04-1971. (Obsoleted by RFC0155), txt=8K

0094 Some thoughts on Network Graphics
E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, Feb-03-1971. Offline

0093 Initial Connection Protocol
A.M. McKenzie, Jan-27-1971., txt=1K

0091 Proposed User-User Protocol
G.H. Mealy, Dec-27-1970. Offline

0090 CCN as a Network Service Center
R.T. Braden, Jan-15-1971., txt=11K

0089 Some historic moments in networking
R.M. Metcalfe, Jan-19-1971. Offline

0088 NETRJS: A third level protocol for Remote Job Entry
R.T. Braden, S.M. Wolfe, Jan-13-1971. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0189)

0087 Topic for discussion at the next Network Working Group meeting
A. Vezza, Jan-12-1971. Offline

0086 Proposal for a Network Standard Format for a Data Stream to Control Graphics Display
S.D. Crocker, Jan-05-1971. (Updated by RFC0125), txt=6K

0085 Network Working Group meeting
S.D. Crocker, Dec-28-1970., txt=1K

0084 List of NWG/RFC's 1-80
J.B. North, Dec-23-1970. Offline

0083 Language-machine for data reconfiguration
R.H. Anderson, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, Dec-18-1970. Offline

0082 Network Meeting Notes
Jr, Meyer, E.

0081 Request for Reference Information
J. Bouknight, Dec-03-1970., txt=0K

0080 Protocols and data formats
E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, Dec-01-1970. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0123)

0079 Logger Protocol error
Jr, Meyer, E.

0078 NCP status report: UCSB/Rand
E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J.E. White, Oct-01-1970. Offline

0077 Network meeting report
J. Postel, Nov-20-1970. Offline

0076 Connection by name: User oriented protocol
J. Bouknight, J. Madden, G.R. Grossman, Oct-28-1970. Offline

0075 Network Meeting
S.D. Crocker, Oct-14-1970., txt=1K

0074 Specifications for network use of the UCSB On-Line System
J.E. White, Oct-16-1970. Offline (Updated by RFC0217 RFC0225)

0073 Response to NWG/RFC 67
S.D. Crocker, Sep-25-1970. Offline

0072 Proposed Moratorium on Changes to Network Protocol
R.D. Bressler, Sep-28-1970., txt=3K

0071 Reallocation in Case of Input Error
T. Schipper, Sep-25-1970. Offline

0070 Note on Padding
S.D. Crocker, Oct-15-1970. (Updated by RFC0228), txt=12K

0069 Distribution List Change for MIT
A.K. Bhushan, Sep-22-1970. (Updates RFC0052), txt=0K

0068 Comments on Memory Allocation Control Commands: CEASE, ALL, GVB, RET, and RFNM
M. Elie, Aug-31-1970., txt=4K

0067 Proposed Change to Host/IMP Spec to Eliminate Marking
W.R. Crowther, Jan-01-1970., txt=1K

0066 NIC - third level ideas and other noise
S.D. Crocker, Aug-26-1970. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0123)

0065 Comments on Host/Host Protocol document #1
D.C. Walden, Aug-29-1970. Offline

0064 Getting rid of marking
M. Elie, Jul-01-1970. Offline

0063 Belated Network Meeting Report
V.G. Cerf, Jul-31-1970., txt=2K

0062 Systems for Interprocess Communication in a Resource Sharing Computer Network
D.C. Walden, Aug-03-1970. (Obsoletes RFC0061), txt=54K

0061 Note on interprocess communication in a resource sharing computer network
D.C. Walden, Jul-17-1970. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0062)

0060 Simplified NCP Protocol
R.B. Kalin, Jul-15-1970., txt=18K

0059 Flow Control - Fixed Versus Demand Allocation
Jr, Meyer, E.

0058 Logical message synchronization
T.P. Skinner, Jun-26-1970. Offline

0057 Thoughts and reflections on NWG/RFC 54
M. Kraley, J. Newkirk, Jun-19-1970. Offline (Updates RFC0054)

0056 Third Level Protocol: Logger Protocol
E. Belove, D. Black, R. Flegal, L.G. Farquar, Jun-01-1970., txt=12K

0055 Prototypical implementation of the NCP
J. Newkirk, M. Kraley, J. Postel, S.D. Crocker, Jun-19-1970. Offline

0054 Official Protocol Proffering
S.D. Crocker, J. Postel, J. Newkirk, M. Kraley, Jun-18-1970. (Updated by RFC0057), txt=19K

0053 Official protocol mechanism
S.D. Crocker, Jun-09-1970. Offline

0052 Updated distribution list
J. Postel, S.D. Crocker, Jul-01-1970. Offline (Updated by RFC0069)

0051 Proposal for a Network Interchange Language
M. Elie, May-04-1970. Offline

0050 Comments on the Meyer Proposal
E. Harslem, J. Haverty, Apr-30-1970., txt=3K

0049 Conversations with S
Crocker (UCLA), Jr.

0048 Possible protocol plateau
J. Postel, S.D. Crocker, Apr-21-1970. Offline

0047 BBN's comments on NWG/RFC #33
W.R. Crowther, Apr-20-1970. Offline (Updates RFC0033)

0046 ARPA Network protocol notes
Jr, Meyer, E.

0045 New protocol is coming
J. Postel, S.D. Crocker, Apr-14-1970. Offline

0044 Comments on NWG/RFC 33 and 36
A. Shoshani, R. Long, A. Landsberg, Apr-10-1970. Offline (Updates RFC0036)

0043 Proposed Meeting
A.G. Nemeth, Apr-08-1970. (Updates RFC0122), txt=1K

0042 Message data types
E. Ancona, Mar-31-1970. Offline

0041 IMP-IMP Teletype Communication
J.T. Melvin, Mar-30-1970. Offline

0040 More Comments on the Forthcoming Protocol
E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, Mar-27-1970., txt=3K

0039 Comments on Protocol Re: NWG/RFC #36
E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, Mar-25-1970. Elective Network Offline (Updates RFC0036)

0038 Comments on Network Protocol from NWG/RFC #36
S.M. Wolfe, Mar-20-1970., txt=2K

0037 Network Meeting Epilogue, etc
S.D. Crocker, Mar-20-1970., txt=8K

0036 Protocol Notes
S.D. Crocker, Mar-16-1970. Offline (Updates RFC0033) (Updated by RFC0039 RFC0044)

0035 Network Meeting
S.D. Crocker, Mar-03-1970. Informational, txt=1K

0034 Some brief preliminary notes on the Augmentation Research Center clock
W.K. English, Feb-26-1970. Offline

0033 New Host-Host Protocol
S.D. Crocker, Feb-12-1970. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0011) (Updated by RFC0036 RFC0047)

0032 Connecting M.I.T. Computers to the ARPA Computer-To-Computer Communication Network.
D. Vedder, Jan-31-1969. Offline

0031 Binary Message Forms in Computer
D. Bobrow, W.R. Sutherland, Feb-01-1968. Offline

0030 Documentation Conventions
S.D. Crocker, Feb-04-1970. (Updates RFC0010 RFC0016 RFC0024 RFC0027), txt=3K

0029 Response to RFC 28
R.E. Kahn, Jan-19-1970., txt=0K

0028 Time Standards
W.K. English, Jan-13-1970., txt=0K

0027 Documentation Conventions
S.D. Crocker, Dec-09-1969. (Updates RFC0010 RFC0016 RFC0024) (Updated by RFC0030), txt=3K

0025 No High Link Numbers
S.D. Crocker, Oct-30-1969., txt=0K

0024 Documentation Conventions
S.D. Crocker, Nov-21-1969. (Obsoletes RFC0016) (Updates RFC0010 RFC0016) (Updated by RFC0027 RFC0030), txt=3K

0023 Transmission of Multiple Control Messages
G. Gregg, Oct-16-1969., txt=0K

0022 Host-host control message formats
V.G. Cerf, Oct-17-1969. Offline

0021 Network meeting
V.G. Cerf, Oct-17-1969. Offline

0020 ASCII format for network interchange
V.G. Cerf, Oct-16-1969. Offline

0019 Two protocol suggestions to reduce congestion at swap bound nodes
J.E. Kreznar, Oct-07-1969., txt=3K

0018 IMP-IMP and HOST-HOST Control Links
Vint Cerf, Sep 1969., txt=0K

0017 Some questions re: Host-IMP Protocol
J.E. Kreznar, Aug-27-1969. Offline

0016 M.I.T. S.D. Crocker
Sep-27-1969, No Date.

0015 Network subsystem for time sharing hosts
C.S. Carr, Sep-25-1969. Offline

0013 Zero Text Length EOF Message
Cerf, V.G., Aug-20-1969. Offline

0012 IMP-Host interface flow diagrams
M. Wingfield, Aug-26-1969. Offline

0011 Implementation of the Host-Host software procedures in GORDO
G. Deloche, Aug-01-1969. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0033)

0010 Documentation conventions
S.D. Crocker, Jul-29-1969. (Obsoletes RFC0003) (Obsoleted by RFC0016) (Updated by RFC0024 RFC0027 RFC0030), txt=3K

0009 Host software
G. Deloche, May-01-1969. Offline

0008 Functional specifications for the ARPA Network
G. Deloche, May-05-1969. Offline

0007 Host-IMP interface
G. Deloche, May-01-1969. Offline

0006 Conversation with Bob Kahn
S.D. Crocker, Apr-10-1969., txt=1K

0005 Decode Encode Language (DEL)
J. Rulifson, Jun-02-1969., txt=25K

0004 Network timetable
E.B. Shapiro, Mar-24-1969. Offline

0003 Documentation conventions
S.D. Crocker, Apr-09-1969. (Obsoleted by RFC0010), txt=2K

0002 Host software
B. Duvall, Apr-09-1969. Offline

0001 Host Software
Steve Crocker, Apr-07-1969., txt=20K

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