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CHAPTER 30 Summary of SunOS/Solaris Differences

30.1 SunOS 4.1.X and 5.X Administrative Command Differences

The summary of SunOS administrative command differences is given in the following table.
Administrative Commands
SunOS 4.XSunOS 5.XComments


Add software packages.
archuname -mDetermine the system architecture.
atatSecurity is more restricted under SunOS 5.X.
automountautomountThe new master file names are auto_master and auto_home. The default home directory is /export/home/<username>.
barNAUse tar or cpio -H bar to replace bar.
biff -ychmod o+x /dev/ttySet the tty permissions, as biff is not available.
biff -nchmod o-x /dev/ttySet the tty permissions, as biff is not available.
biodNABlock I/O daemon.
cc/opt/SUNWspro/bin/ccSeparate product.
chownchownHow it treats symbolic links is changed. The command now follows the link and changes permissions on the file. To change the ownership of the link use chown -h.
dcheckNAFile system directory consistency check.
ddddNow uses 2-byte, rather than 4-byte words.

sysdef -d

Information reported has been changed.
dfdf -kOutput format and options are changed.
dkinfoprtvtocReports similar information; privileged command in SunOS5.4-.
dorfsrfstart/rfstopRFS commands.
dudu -kNow reports in 512 byte, rather than 1024 byte blocks.
dumpufsdumpSome new options. Now recognizes end-of-media.
etherfindsnoopSimilar functions.
exportfsshareFor both NFS and RFS.
extract_filesNAExtract files from installation media.
extract_patchNAExtract patches from installation media.


Add software packages.
fastbootinit 6Run level 6.
fasthaltinit 0Run level 0.
filefileNo longer has the -L option.
findfindNo longer has the -n cpio option.
hostidsysdef -hSysdef is used to report the current system definitions, including peripherals attached and drivers loaded.
hostnameuname -nUname prints current system definitions.
initinitMany changes, including run levels, etc.
intrNAAllow the following command to be interruptible.
iostatiostatSome options are changed.
ldconfigNAConfigure the cache for the run-time link editor, ld.so.
lpclpschedLP scheduler.
lpdlpadminLP configuration command.
lpqlpstatStatus of LP jobs.
lprlpSome different options.
lprmcancelCancel an LP job.
lptestNAGenerate a test pattern for the line printer.
lslsSome options are changed.
machuname -pReport the machine type.
makemakeNow located in /usr/ccs/bin (package SUNWsprot).
makekeyNAGenerate an encryption key.
mkfsmkfsChanged to support additional file system types.
mknodmknodNo longer have to be root to create character and block special files.
modstatmodinfoDisplays information about the kernel modules loaded.
mountmountChanged to include additional file system types.
ncheckncheckChanged to include additional file system types.
portmaprpcbindMaps universal addresses to RPC program number.
printenvenvPrint the user's environment variables.
pspsOptions are changed, e.g. use ps -ef instead of ps aux.
pstatsarReports on system activity.
pstat -sswap -sReports on swap space available.
rdumpufsdumpRemote drives can be specified.
restoreufsrestoreFile system restore program.
rpc.etherdNAServer for ethernet statistics.
rpc.lockdlockdFile locking daemon.
rpc.mountdmountdMount daemon.
rpc.rquotadrquotadServer for remote quotas.
rpc.statdstatdNetwork status monitor.
rpc.yppasswddrpc.yppasswddNIS password daemon; install NIS compatibility package, SUNWnsktu.
rrestoreufsrestoreRemote drives can be specified.
rusageNAResource usage for the specified command.
shutdownshutdownSignificant changes.
sttysttySome options have been changed.
suninstallsuninstallSignificant changes.
swaponswap -aAdd swap space.
ttysoftcarNAModem carrier control.
tzsetupNATimezone setup. Set with the /etc/default/init file.
umountumountChanged to include additional file system types.
unloadpkgrmRemove a software package.
updatefsflushFlush the memory buffers.
vipw/usr/ucb/vipw/etc/passwd editing; also allows editing of /etc/shadow.
vmstatvmstatSome options are changed.
whowhoAdditional options available.
whoamiidPrint the username.



The yppasswd command is still available for changing password information on an NIS server. Use nispasswd to access NIS+ servers.


NIS daemon (install package SUNWnsktu).

NIS+ uses this daemon to service requests for information.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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