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Unix System Administration

Frank G. Fiamingo fgf+@osu.edu

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Acknowledgements: The author wishes to thank the following for helpful advice and discussions related to the material presented in this document: Harpal Chohan, Bob DeBula, Bob Manson, Steve Romig, and Bill Yang.

Table of Contents

PART I - Introduction
___CHAPTER 1 - Overview
___CHAPTER 2 - Disk Structure and Partitions
___CHAPTER 3 - Devices
___CHAPTER 4 - The UNIX File System
___CHAPTER 5 - File System Management
___CHAPTER 6 - Startup and Shutdown
___CHAPTER 7 - Operating System Installation
___CHAPTER 8 - Kernel Configuration
___CHAPTER 9 - Adding Hardware
___CHAPTER 10 - Special Files
___CHAPTER 11 - System Directories
___CHAPTER 12 - User accounts
___CHAPTER 13 - Daily System Administration
___CHAPTER 14 - Administration Tool & Solstice Adminsuite
___CHAPTER 15 - Package Administration
___CHAPTER 16 - Backup Procedures
PART II - Network Services
___CHAPTER 17 - Service Access Facility
___CHAPTER 18 - The Network
___CHAPTER 19 - Network Administration
___CHAPTER 20 - Distributed File System Administration
___CHAPTER 21 - Network Information Services (NIS and NIS+)
___CHAPTER 22 - Adding Clients
PART III - Selected Topics
___CHAPTER 23 - Usenet
___CHAPTER 24 - Useful Utilities
___CHAPTER 25 - Print Service
___CHAPTER 26 - Mail
___CHAPTER 27 - World Wide Web
___CHAPTER 28 - System Security
___CHAPTER 29 - Secure Shell, SSH
PART IV - Summary
___CHAPTER 30 - Summary of SunOS/Solaris Differences
___CHAPTER 31 - UTS UNIX Workstation Support

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Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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