using remote cvs on wendy

Below are the steps necessary to access, from a remote machine, a cvs repository in a user account on wendy (pserver is installed on wendy).

We assume that

Here's the procedure:

  1. Get rsh working from to wendy.

    1. Ensure that is the official hostname. This can be checked by finding out the IP address of the machine (from /etc/hosts) and then using nslookup to get the official hostname.
      	rasto$ grep 184 /etc/hosts  rasto
      This is another name than tinfpc2!
      	rasto:~$ nslookup
      So (not is the official hostname of the remote machine.

    2. Update ~se4/.rhosts on wendy by addding a line
      	wendy$ echo " dvermeir" >>$HOME/.rhosts

    3. Check that rsh works by trying to connect from
      	rasto$ rsh wendy -l se4
      	Last login: Fri Feb 16 14:13:32 from
      	Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.7       Generic October 1998
      	1 WEndy:~$
      (This command should log you into wendy without asking for a password).

  2. On define CVSROOT to refer to the repository on wendy. E.g. you can add the line
    to your .bash_profile file.

  3. Test it.
    	rasto:~$ cvs co test
    	cvs server: Updating test
    	U test/test.C

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