The tarball is available for download. The installation is standard, using the ubiquitous
./configure && make && make install
command sequence. See the INSTALL file in the top directory.

This package provides some convenient (for me) stuff on top of the excellent xmlwrapp package.

E.g. for a configuration file such as the following:

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
can be processed using code as shown below.
configure(const std::string& config_fn) throw (std::runtime_error) {
  Dv::Xml::Document config(config_fn); // parse or throw
  int port = config.root()/"server"/"port"; // follow path in tree, convert

Building XML documents can be done as in the following example.

  Dv::Xml::Node config("xxx-config");
  (config >> "server" >> "port") = 1050; // add child and grandchild and set contents
  Dv::Xml::Node::Ref comment((config/"server")>>"comment");
  comment["language"] = "en"; // set attribute
  comment = "a comment string"; // set content

The package depends on the dvutil and xmlwrapp packages.

dvxml-0.1.7 [ 7 January, 2008]