8.9. Exercises

See Appendix C, "Answers", for the exercise answers.

8.9.1. Make a dialog box that can be used to compose and send an email message. The dialog box must contain vertically aligned "From:", "To:", "Cc:", and "Subject:" labels each with a line edit widget to the right. The line edit widgets shall be able to display at least 20 characters regardless of the font size. Beneath the labels, add a multiline edit widget that uses the rest of the available space in the dialog box. The dialog box should have the following action buttons at the bottom: Address″, "Send", and "Cancel".
8.9.2. Change the dialog box so that it no longer contains the "Address" action button. Add a "Help" button instead. Add pushbuttons labeled "Choose…" to the right of the line edit widgets belonging to the "To:" and "Cc:" fields.