(DBWORLD) position in Israel

ehud gudes (ehud@CS.bgu.ac.il)
Wed, 8 Oct 1997 13:11:30 +0200


The Rupin Institute for Higher Education
near Natania, Israel is looking for a Leader to its
newly established Computer Software and Hardware Engineering program.
This Program is in Cooperation and Supervision of Coventry University
in the UK. It is one of three Engineering programs which have received
the approval of the Higher Educational Council of Israel and has
also been recognized by the Israeli Registar for Engineers.
The program emphasizes Software engineering and Embedded systems
and is unique among other Engineering schools in Israel, and therefore
will have much cooperation and feedback from the Software/hardware
industry in the area.

The potential Leader must hold a PhD in Computer Engineering or related area,
must have both academic and industrial experience, and must have the
motivation and enthusiasm to develop and lead a unique program
with direct impact on the fast developing computer and software
industry in Israel.

Potential candidates can send their Resume by mail or email to:
Dr. Ehud Gudes
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science
Ben-Gurion University
email: ehud@cs.bgu.ac.il

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