This package provides a dutch dictionary and a language file for use with the aspell spelling checker.

The word list has been compiled from a number of sources:

  1. The list used in the aspell-nl-0.1.rpm package. The main reason I decided to build the present package is that I could not find a tarball distribution of this rpm and that some ``exceptions'' from the official lists seemed to be missing.
  2. The lists in the official announcement (1996) about spelling changes.
  3. The list by Piet Tutelaers available on
The full word list (approx. 222K words) is available as a text file dutch.words in the distribution. The language definition is in the file dutch.dat.


The availability of these packages is verified during the installation.


The latest version (I don't expect there will be many) is available here.


Standard (unpack; configure; make install). See the INSTALL file in the distribution. The installation will compile the word list into a master dictionary.


Two trivial scripts, called nlspell, and nllspell are installed in bindir (typically /usr/local/bin). They are replicated below.
  1. nlspell
    aspell --conf=/usr/local/share/aspell/nlspell.config $*
    E.g. for interactive use, one would type
    	nlspell -c filename
  2. nllspell uses a ``per-directory'' dictionary ``nlspell.dict'' in the current directory.
    aspell --conf=/usr/local/share/aspell/nlspell.config \
    	--add-extra-dicts=$HOME/.aspell.dutch.pws \
    	--personal=./nlspell.dict $*
See the aspell manual for more information.
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