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11. Keyboard Shortcuts

The GIMP has a set of default keyboard shortcuts that are documented here. All the defaults are contained in a file in the directory ~/.gimp found in the user's home directory. The first time the GIMP is run this file is created and named menurc. You can modify the keyboard shortcuts  by adding new ones or changing default entries to suit personal tastes. There are two ways to change the defaults. The first is by editing the file menurc. This is a good method when you want a major reorganization of the default keystrokes. The second method is interactive and produces a single addition or change while working in the GIMP. You do this by placing the mouse cursor over the menu item and then typing the desired keystrokes. As you type the keystrokes they appear to the right of the menu entry. The next time the function is to be used, it can be invoked by the new shortcut.

In the following tables, all the keyboard shortcuts are executed by typing them in the image window. A shortcut consists of a keystroke, perhaps in conjunction with the Shift, Control, or Alt modifier keys. The modifier keys are designated by S for Shift, C for Control, and A for Alt. Thus, the shortcut C-S-i, which produces the Info Window, is composed by simultaneously holding down the Control and Shift keys and then typing the letter i.

Table B.1: The Toolbox Functions
Tool Name Keystroke Full Path
Airbrush  a Image:Tools/Airbrush
Bezier Select  b Image:Tools/Bezier Select
Blend  l Image:Tools/Blend
Bucket Fill  S-b Image:Tools/Bucket Fill
Clone  c Image:Tools/Clone
Color Picker  o Image:Tools/Color Picker
Convolve  v Image:Tools/Convolve
Crop & Resize  S-c Image:Tools/Crop & Resize
Default Colors  d Image:Tools/Default Colors
Dodge & Burn  S-d Image:Tools/DodgeBurn
Ellipse Select  e Image:Tools/Ellipse Select
Eraser  S-e Image:Tools/Eraser
Flip  S-f Image:Tools/Flip
Free Select (Lasso)   f Image:Tools/Free Select
Fuzzy Select (Magic Wand)   z Image:Tools/Fuzzy Select
Ink  k Image:Tools/Ink
Intelligent Scissors  i Image:Tools/Intelligent Scissors
Magnify  S-m Image:Tools/Magnify
Move  m Image:Tools/Move
Paintbrush  p Image:Tools/Paintbrush
Pencil  S-p Image:Tools/Pencil
Rectangle Select  r Image:Tools/Rect Select
Smudge  S-s Image:Tools/Smudge
Swap Colors  x Image:Tools/Swap Colors
Text  t Image:Tools/Text
Transform  S-t Image:Tools/Transform
XinputAirbrush  S-a Image:Tools/XinputAirbrush

Table B.2: View Menu Functions
Function Name Keystroke Full Path
Info Window   C-S-i Image:View/Info Window
Nav. Window  C-S-n Image:View/Nav. Window
Shrink Wrap  C-e Image:View/Shrink Wrap
Toggle Guides  C-S-t Image:View/Toggle Guides
Toggle Rulers  C-S-r Image:View/Toggle Rulers
Toggle Selection  C-t Image:View/Toggle Selection
Toggle Statusbar  C-S-s Image:View/Toggle Statusbar
Zoom In  = Image:View/Zoom In
Zoom Out  - Image:View/Zoom Out
1:1  1 Image:View/Zoom/1:1

Table B.3: Select Menu Functions
Function Name Keystroke Full Path
All  C-a Image:Select/All
Feather  C-S-f Image:Select/Feather
Float  C-S-l Image:Select/Float
Invert  C-i Image:Select/Invert
None  C-S-a Image:Select/None
Sharpen  C-S-h Image:Select/Sharpen

Table B.4: File Menu Functions
Function Name Keystroke Full Path
Close  C-w Image:File/Close
New  C-n Image:File/New
Open  C-o Image:File/Open
Quit  C-q Image:File/Quit
Save  C-s Image:File/Save

Table B.5: Edit Menu Functions
Function Name Keystroke Full Path
Clear  C-k Image:Edit/Clear
Copy  C-c Image:Edit/Copy
Copy Named  C-S-c Image:Edit/Copy Named
Cut  C-x Image:Edit/Cut
Cut Named  C-S-x Image:Edit/Cut Named
Fill  C-. Image:Edit/Fill
Paste  C-v Image:Edit/Paste
Paste Named  C-S-v Image:Edit/Paste Named
Redo  C-r Image:Edit/Redo
Undo  C-z Image:Edit/Undo

Table B.6: Layers Menu Functions
Function Name Keystroke Full Path
Anchor Layer  C-h Image:Layers/Anchor Layer
Merge Visible Layers C-m Image:Layers/Merge Visible Layers

Table B.7: Image Menu Functions
Function Name Keystroke Full Path
Duplicate  C-d Image:Image/Duplicate
Offset  C-S-o Image:Image/Transforms/Offset
Grayscale  A-g Image:Image/Mode/Grayscale
Indexed  A-i Image:Image/Mode/Indexed
RGB  A-r Image:Image/Mode/RGB

Table B.8: Dialogs
Dialog Name Keystroke Full Path
Brushes  C-S-b Image:Dialogs/Brushes
Gradients  C-g Image:Dialogs/Gradients
Layers & Channels  C-l Image:Dialogs/Layers & Channels
Palette  C-p Image:Dialogs/Palette
Patterns  C-S-p Image:Dialogs/Patterns

Table B.9: Filter Menu Functions
Function Name Keystroke Full Path
Re-show last  A-S-f Image:Filters/Re-show last
Repeat last  A-f Image:Filters/Repeat last

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