Known problems:

How to help

The development of Doxygen highly depends on your input!

If you are trying Doxygen let me know what you think of it (do you miss certain features?). Even if you decide not to use it, please let me know why.

How to report a bug

I would appreciate an e-mail if you have found a bug, or if you have ideas (or even better some code or a patch) how to fix existing bugs and limitations. For patches please use "diff -u" or include the files you modified. If you send more than one file please tar or zip everything, so I only have to save and download one file.

Always try to include the following information in your bug report:

If you send only a (vague) description of a bug, you are usually not very helpful and will costs me much more time to figure out what you mean. In the worst-case your bug report may even be completely ignored by me!

My e-mail address:

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