Support for multiple languages

Doxygen has support for multiple languages. This means that the text fragments that doxygen generates can changed into languages other than English (the default) at configuration time.

Currently, supported languages are English, French, Czech, Dutch, Spannish, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, German and Japanese, and Korean. Here is a list of the languages and their current maintainers:

Language Maintainer Contact address (remove the NOSPAM.)
German Jens Breitenstein
French Christophe Bordeux
Swedish Samuel Hägglund
XeT Erixon
Czech Petr Prikryl
Vlastimil Havran
Italian Ahmed Aldo Faisal
Alessandro Falappa
Japanese Kenji Nagamatsu
Spanish Francisco Oltra Thennet
Finnish Olli Korhonen
Russian Andrey V. Stolyarov
Korean Richard Kim
Hungarian Földvári György
Croatian Boris Bralo
Polish Grzegorz Kowal
Dutch Dimitri van Heesch

Most people on the list have indicated that they were also busy doing other things, so if you want to help to speed things up please let them (or me) know.

If you want to add support for a language that is not yet listed please see the next section.

Language HOWTO

This short HOWTO explains how to add support for a new language to Doxygen:

Just follow these steps:

  1. Tell me for which language you want to add support. If no one else is already working on support for that language, you will be assigned as the maintainer for the language.
  2. Create a copy of translator_nl.h and name it translator_<your_2_letter_counter_code>.h I'll use xx in the rest of this document.
  3. Edit language.cpp: Add a
    in setTranslator() add
        else if (L_EQUAL("your_language_name"))
          theTranslator = new TranslatorYourLanguage;
    after the if { ... }
  4. Edit and add translator_xx.h to the HEADERS line in the file
  5. Edit translator_xx.h:
  6. Recompile everything (do this from the root of the distribution, because the Makefile.dox* have to be regenerated!)
  7. Now you can use OUTPUT_LANGUAGE = your_language_name in the config file to generate output in your language.
  8. Send translator_xx.h or a diff -u of the changes to me so I can add it to doxygen.

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