2. About the Open Publication License

Sams Publishing is releasing this book under the Open Publication License (see http://www.opencontent.org for details) so that the text provided herein will be freely available to KDE developers and potential developers. If you are familiar with the GPL, you can think of the OPL as a "GPL for books".

The text will be posted on the World Wide Web at http://www.samspublishing.com and on the KDE Developer's Corner at http://developer.kde.org.

Because the Open Publication License allows licensed work to be modified and redistributed electronically, we can also provide the full text of this book online at http://kde20development.andamooka.org. In addition, you will be able to participate in a community annotation of the book and discuss issues related to KDE and KDE development with other readers. This collected, organized wisdom and experience of the entire reader community will be continuously available to every reader. We hope that, as the underlying technology changes, this system will keep KDE 2.0 Development a correct, current, and complete source of KDE development information.