1.3. KDE Organization and Resources

The KDE project is made up of hundreds of developers who have made contributions ranging from small patches to multiple applications. The leadership consists of about 20 core developers who have distinguished themselves within the KDE community by contributing lots of well-written code. They serve to steer the project and plan its release schedule. Also, formal contact with the KDE project can be made with representatives from the core group. The Web page http://ettrich.priv.no/kde_official/representatives.html has more information.

Current KDE information can always be found at http://www.kde.org. From here you can access users and developers' news, find out about new releases, and access the mailing lists and source code repository.

Several mailing lists are devoted to discussing different aspects of KDE. The KDE developers' list (kde-devel) should be of particular interest to you. You'll learn a lot about KDE development by monitoring this list, and you'll have the opportunity to ask your questions to the development community. In my personal experience, the response times have been short and the information has been very helpful. There are also lists for discussing KOffice, the KDE office suite, KDE artwork (icons, logos, and so on), internationalization, KDevelop, the KDE integrated development environment, look and feel, licensing issues, and other topics. A complete list of available mailing lists can be found at the mailing list archives at http://lists.kde.org/. Subscription information is available at http://www.kde.org/contact.html.