File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
any.h [code]
basetype.h [code]
bitmap.h [code]
charraystream.h [code]
convert.h [code]
cslisttag.h [code]
date.h [code]A simple Dv::Date class that provides a convenient interface to system functions such as locatime_r() etc
debug.h [code]
debug_dump.h [code]
dispatch.h [code]
enum2str.h [code]
fdstreambuf.h [code]The Dv::fdstreambuf class provides a streambuf specialization that manages a file descriptor (fd) and handles the possibility of timeout on input or open by failing an operation if it times out
file.h [code]A Dv::Util::File class object represents a pathname, possibly associated with an existing file
filterstreambuf.h [code]The Dv::Util::filterstreambuf class is a template class that is used to define Dv::Util::filterstream objects
getdate.h [code]
includestream.h [code]
iomanip.h [code]
iopstream.h [code]
logstream.h [code]This file defines a class logstream, which uses a Dv::Util::filterstreambuf to prepend a date and a prefix string to each output line
makedaemon.h [code]Defines the make_daemon() function which turns a process into a daemon
nocomment.h [code]This files defines a class nocommentstream, which uses a filterstreambuf to remove shell style comments
observer.h [code]
period.h [code]
process.h [code]
props.h [code]
pstream.h [code]
random.h [code]
shared_ptr.h [code]
splitstring.h [code]
stringmap.h [code]
strings.h [code]
systemerror.h [code]
teestream.h [code]This files defines a class teestream, named after the ``tee'' command, which illustrates the use of Dv::Util::filterstreambuf
trace.h [code]
tty.h [code]This file defines an iostream class ``Tty'' that provides rar unbuffered input and output to /dev/tty
user.h [code]

dvutil-1.0.10 [ 5 December, 2009]