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5.1 Built-in Commands

5.1.2 Csh

For the C shell the more commonly used built-in functions are:

alias assign a name to a function

bg put a job into the background

cd change the current working directory

echo write a string to stdout

eval evaluate the given arguments and feed the result back to the shell

exec execute the given command, replacing the current shell

exit exit the current shell

fg bring a job to the foreground

foreach for conditional loop

glob do filename expansion on the list, but no "\" escapes are honored

history print the command history of the shell

if if conditional loop

jobs list or control active jobs

kill kill the specified process

limit set limits on system resources

logout terminate the login shell

nice command lower the scheduling priority of the process, command

nohup command do not terminate command when the shell exits

popd pop the directory stack and return to that directory

pushd change to the new directory specified and add the current one to the directory stack

rehash recreate the hash table of paths to executable files

repeat repeat a command the specified number of times

set set a shell variable

setenv set an environment variable for this and subsequent shells

source source (read and execute) commands from a file

stop stop the specified background job

switch switch conditional loop

umask set a default file permission mask for new files

unalias remove the specified alias name

unset unset shell variables

unsetenv unset shell environment variables

wait wait for all background processes to terminate

while while conditional loop

Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996
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