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CHAPTER 4 System Resources & Printing

4.2 Print Commands
Printing Commands
Command/SyntaxWhat it will do
lpq (lpstat) [options]show the status of print jobs
lpr (lp) [options] fileprint to defined printer
lprm (cancel) [options]remove a print job from the print queue
pr [options] [file]filter the file and print it on the terminal

The print commands allow us to print files to standard output (pr) or to a line printer (lp/lpr) while filtering the output. The BSD and SysV printer commands use different names and different options to produce the same results: lpr, lprm, and lpq vs lp, cancel, and lpstat for the BSD and SysV submit, cancel, and check the status of a print job, respectively.

4.2.1 - lp/lpr - submit a print job
4.2.2 - lpstat/lpq - check the status of a print job
4.2.3 - cancel/lprm - cancel a print job
4.2.4 - pr - prepare files for printing

Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996
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