Index for RFCs 0499 to 0400

0499 Harvard's network RJE
B.R. Reussow, Apr-01-1973. Offline

0498 On mail service to CCN
R.T. Braden, Apr-17-1973. Offline

0497 Traffic statistics (March 1973)
A.M. McKenzie, Apr-10-1973. Offline

0496 TNLS quick reference card is available
M.F. Auerbach, Apr-05-1973. Offline

0495 Telnet Protocol specifications
A.M. McKenzie, May-01-1973. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0158)

0494 Availability of MIX and MIXAL in the Network
D.C. Walden, Apr-20-1973. Offline

0493 Graphics Protocol
J.C. Michener, I.W. Cotton, K.C. Kelley, D.E. Liddle, Jr, Meyer, E.

0492 Response to RFC 467
Jr, Meyer, E.

0491 What is "Free"?
M.A. Padlipsky, Apr-12-1973. Offline

0490 Surrogate RJS for UCLA-CCN
J.R. Pickens, Mar-06-1973. Offline

0489 Comment on resynchronization of connection status proposal
J. Postel, Mar-26-1973. Offline

0488 NLS classes at network sites
M.F. Auerbach, Mar-23-1973. Offline

0487 Free file transfer
R.D. Bressler, Apr-06-1973. Offline

0486 Data transfer revisited
R.D. Bressler, Mar-20-1973. Offline

0485 MIX and MIXAL at UCSB
J.R. Pickens, Mar-19-1973. Offline

0483 Cancellation of the resource notebook framework meeting
M.D. Kudlick, Mar-14-1973. Offline

0482 Traffic statistics (February 1973)
A.M. McKenzie, Mar-12-1973. Offline

0480 Host-dependent FTP parameters
J.E. White, Mar-08-1973. Offline

0479 Use of FTP by the NIC Journal
J.E. White, Mar-08-1973. Offline

0478 FTP server-server interaction - II
R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas, Mar-26-1973. Offline

0477 Remote Job Service at UCSB
M. Krilanovich, May-23-1973. Offline

0476 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule (rev
2), A.

0475 FTP and network mail system
A.K. Bhushan, Mar-06-1973. Offline

0474 Announcement of NGWG meeting: Call for papers
S. Bunch, Mar-01-1973. Offline

0473 MIX and MIXAL?
D.C. Walden, Feb-28-1973. Offline

0472 Illinois' reply to Maxwell's request for graphics information (NIC 14925)
S. Bunch, Mar-01-1973. Offline

0471 Workshop on multi-site executive programs
R. Thomas, Mar-13-1973. Offline

0470 Change in socket for TIP news facility
R. Thomas, Mar-13-1973. Offline

0469 Network mail meeting summary
M.D. Kudlick, Mar-08-1973. Offline

0468 FTP data compression
R.T. Braden, Mar-08-1973. Offline

0467 Proposed change to Host-Host Protocol: Resynchronization of connection status
J.D. Burchfiel, R.S. Tomlinson, Feb-20-1973. Offline (Updated by RFC0492)

0466 Telnet logger/server for host LL-67
J.M. Winett, Feb-27-1973. Offline

0464 Resource notebook framework
M.D. Kudlick, Feb-27-1973. Offline

0463 FTP comments and response to RFC 430
A.K. Bhushan, Feb-21-1973. Offline

0462 Responding to user needs
J. Iseli, D. Crocker, Feb-22-1973. Offline

0461 Telnet Protocol meeting announcement
A.M. McKenzie, Feb-14-1973. Offline

0460 NCP survey
C. Kline, Feb-13-1973. Offline

0459 Network questionnaires
W. Kantrowitz, Feb-26-1973. Offline

0458 Mail retrieval via FTP
R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas, Feb-20-1973. Offline

0457 TIPUG
D.C. Walden, Feb-15-1973. Offline

0456 Memorandum: Date change of mail meeting
M.D. Kudlick, Feb-13-1973. Offline

0455 Traffic statistics (January 1973)
A.M. McKenzie, Feb-12-1973. Offline

0454 File Transfer Protocol - meeting announcement and a new proposed document
A.M. McKenzie, Feb-16-1973. Offline

0453 Meeting announcement to discuss a network mail system
M.D. Kudlick, Feb-07-1973. Offline

0451 Tentative proposal for a Unified User Level Protocol
M.A. Padlipsky, Feb-22-1973. Offline

0450 MULTICS sampling timeout change
M.A. Padlipsky, Feb-08-1973. Offline

0449 Current flow-control scheme for IMPSYS
D.C. Walden, Jan-06-1973. Offline (Updates RFC0442)

0448 Print files in FTP
R.T. Braden, Feb-27-1973. Offline

0447 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule
A.M. McKenzie, Jan-29-1973. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0434) (Obsoleted by RFC0476)

0446 Proposal to consider a network program resource notebook
L.P. Deutsch, Jan-25-1973. Offline

0445 IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule
A.M. McKenzie, Jan-22-1973. Offline

0443 Traffic statistics (December 1972)
A.M. McKenzie, Jan-18-1973. Offline

0442 Current flow-control scheme for IMPSYS
V.G. Cerf, Jan-24-1973. Offline (Updated by RFC0449)

0441 Inter-Entity Communication - an experiment
R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas, Jan-19-1973. Offline

0440 Scheduled network software maintenance
D.C. Walden, Jan-01-1973. Offline

0439 PARRY encounters the DOCTOR
V.G. Cerf, Jan-21-1973. Offline

0438 FTP server-server interaction
R. Thomas, R. Clements, Jan-15-1973. Offline

0437 Data Reconfiguration Service at UCSB
E. Faeh, Jun-30-1973. Offline

0436 Announcement of RJS at UCSB
M. Krilanovich, Jan-10-1973. Offline

0435 Telnet issues
B. Cosell, D.C. Walden, Jan-05-1973. Offline (Updates RFC0318)

0434 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule
A.M. McKenzie, Jan-04-1973. Offline (Obsoleted by RFC0447)

0433 Socket number list
J. Postel, Dec-22-1972. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0349) (Obsoleted by RFC0503)

0432 Network logical map
N. Neigus, Dec-29-1972. Offline

0431 Update on SMFS Login and Logout
M. Krilanovich, Dec-15-1972. (Obsoletes RFC0399) (Updates RFC0122), txt=4K

0430 Comments on File Transfer Protocol
R.T. Braden, Feb-07-1973. Offline

0429 Character Generator Process
J. Postel, Dec-12-1972., txt=1K

0426 Reconnection Protocol
R. Thomas, Jan-26-1973. Offline

0425 "But my NCP costs $500 a day"
R.D. Bressler, Dec-19-1972., txt=1K

0423 UCLA Campus Computing Network Liaison Staff for ARPANET
B. Noble, Dec-12-1972. (Obsoletes RFC0389), txt=2K

0422 Traffic statistics (November 1972)
A.M. McKenzie, Dec-11-1972. Offline

0421 Software Consulting Service for Network Users
A.M. McKenzie, Nov-27-1972., txt=2K

0420 CCA ICCC weather demo
H. Murray, Jan-04-1973. Offline

0419 To: Network liaisons and station agents
A. Vezza, Dec-12-1972. Offline

0418 Server file transfer under TSS/360 at NASA Ames
W. Hathaway, Nov-27-1972. Offline

0417 Link usage violation
J. Postel, C. Kline, Dec-06-1972. Offline

0416 ARC System Will Be Unavailable for Use During Thanksgiving Week
J.C. Norton, Nov-07-1972., txt=2K

0415 Tenex bandwidth
H. Murray, Nov-29-1972. Offline

0414 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) status and further comments
A.K. Bhushan, Dec-29-1972. Offline (Updates RFC0385)

0413 Traffic statistics (October 1972)
A.M. McKenzie, Nov-13-1972. Offline

0412 User FTP Documentation
G. Hicks, Nov-27-1972., txt=17K

0411 New MULTICS Network Software Features
M.A. Padlipsky, Nov-14-1972., txt=2K

0410 Removal of the 30-Second Delay When Hosts Come Up
J.M. McQuillan, Nov-10-1972., txt=3K

0409 Tenex interface to UCSB's Simple-Minded File System
J.E. White, Dec-08-1972. Offline

A.D. Owen, J. Postel, Oct-25-1972., txt=1K

0407 Remote Job Entry Protocol
R.D. Bressler, R. Guida, A.M. McKenzie, Oct-16-1972. Historic Offline (Obsoletes RFC0360)

0406 Scheduled IMP Software Releases
J.M. McQuillan, Oct-10-1972., txt=2K

0405 Correction to RFC 404
A.M. McKenzie, Oct-10-1972. (Updates RFC0404), txt=1K

0404 Host Address Changes Involving Rand and ISI
A.M. McKenzie, Oct-05-1972. (Updated by RFC0405), txt=0K

0403 Desirability of a network 1108 service
G. Hicks, Jan-10-1973. Offline

0402 ARPA Network Mailing Lists
J.B. North, Oct-26-1972. Offline (Obsoletes RFC0363)

0401 Conversion of NGP-0 Coordinates to Device Specific Coordinates
J. Hansen, Oct-23-1972. (Updates RFC0387 RFC0387), txt=3K

0400 Traffic Statistics (September 1972)
A.M. McKenzie, Oct-18-1972. Offline

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